Your Philadelphia Area To-Do List

Your Philadelphia Area To-Do List

There's a lot to do in Philadelphia. Visit Independence Hall, check out

the Liberty Bell, and tour the Eastern State Penitentiary. But, what if you've done all those things and you're looking for something a bit different?

Whether you're new to the area or you've lived here for years, there are tons of things to do in Philly that require you to think outside the box. Well, we've done all the thinking for you!

Here is a list of Philadelphia attractions that you just have to try.

Run up the Rocky Steps at the Art Museum

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a popular tourist attraction, and with good reason. It houses art from world-renowned artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Cézanne, but that's not all it's known for.

The iconic shot of Rocky running up the stairs in triumph was filmed on these very steps. You simply haven't lived until you've embodied the spirit of Rocky by running up the steps at the art museum yourself.

Visit the Franklin Institute of Science Museum After-Hours

When the doors close at 7:00 pm at the Franklin Institute, it's time to go home. Or is it? You can stay and enjoy science after-hours until 10:00 pm if you're over 21!

Various special events are planned throughout the year that feature science demonstrations, live performances, and more. As 21 and over events, you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage while you get your science on.

Eat a Spread Bagel

Everyone knows that trying a Philly cheesesteak is a must in Philadelphia. After all, its where the famous sandwich was invented! But, there are many other amazing foods to try, including the bagels from Spread.

Their bagels are made the artisanal way, which makes them especially irresistible. So irresistible, in fact, that people will wait in line all Saturday morning to get one. It's just part of the experience.

Tour Edgar Allan Poe's House

Have a taste for the macabre? Or maybe you just have a deep appreciation for poetry? Satisfy your curiosities at Edgar Allan Poe's house.

He spent six years battling his demons, dealing with his wife's tuberculosis, and writing poetry during his time in Philadelphia. When visiting the website, they have a 'Safety' tab, which just adds to the allure of this mysterious place.

Making Philly Feel Like Home!

By going off the beaten path, you can make Philly feel more like home. But feeling at home also means being able to relax when you get home after a day of exploring. Make sure you can relax fully with a little help from ACRE Replacement Windows.