3 Ways a New Entry Door Will Upgrade Your Home

3 Ways a New Entry Door Will Upgrade Your Home

Your entry door is the gateway from your house to the world.

It greets you every time you come home and it welcomes each visitor.

Have you looked yours recently and sighed? A tinge of dissatisfaction lingered in your brain long after it was out of your sight. You might think this is just being tired of your old door, but there could be several benefits to getting a replacement entry door.

We have seen this numerous times since we became Philadelphia entry door installers. At ACRE Windows, we have a plethora of options for you to choose from. These options will give you the ability to upgrade your front door and your home.

  • Curb Appeal- A new entry door can drastically increase your curb appeal. This is nice for you to look at and it is nice if you need to sell your home. You could increase the value of your home with this simple upgrade.
  • Safety- Older doors can have faulty or damaged hinges and locks which are easier to break open. It’s harder for someone to break through a new, sturdy door than an old, flimsy one.
  • Keeping the Outdoors Outside- Old doors can have broken seals and may have morphed over the years. Both of these allow for cracks to form around the door. These cracks allow for weather and insects to enter your home.

Just these three reasons alone are enough to look into a new entry door. Worried about money? You might be surprised by how affordable these can be. Our installation experts will deliver your door and install it so you are ready to enjoy your new door with hardly any hassle at all.

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