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Andersen Windows is known for their high-quality replacement window lines. But one new product you may not have heard about is the Andersen Narroline Conversion Kits, which are designed to upgrade your existing windows at a fraction of the price, with minimal disruption to your home. If you have Andersen Narroline Windows, you may already have received a notice in the mail about Narroline Conversion Kits and are wondering what they are. Today, we will take you through the Narroline Conversion Kits and see if they are for you!

What are the Narroline Conversion Kits that Andersen is offering?

Andersen Narroline Conversion Kits allow your double-hung windows to be upgraded without replacing the entire window. Your frame will not be replaced, but the heart/middle of the window (glass, grilles, etc.) will. — See the picture to the left and video below. These kits will retrofit your existing Narroline Windows into convenient, tilt-wash double-hung windows with high-performance Low E-4 glass. It is a “half-measure” since only part of your window is being replaced, but it is VASTLY less expensive and disruptive to your home. The kits come in a wide variety of decorative options, so you can match your existing windows and home décor. Each kit only converts 1 window, you will need to get as many kits as windows you want to replace. With the kits, you will get a NEW warranty — 20 years on glass and 10 years on parts.

Narroline Conversion Kit Video From Andersen

What are the benefits of buying Andersen Narroline Conversion Kits?

The biggest benefit to the Conversion Kits is that they will save you money. First, they are more affordable than buying replacement windows*. Secondly, with the Low-E4 glass, they improve energy efficiency which will decrease your personal energy costs. The other main benefit is ease. By that I mean the installation process is a lot easier and cleaner. Each kit only takes one person to install, so the installation crew will be at your home for a fraction of the time with minimal-to-no mess. Additionally, the tilt-in cleaning will make your life a whole lot easier. No more going outside on a ladder to clean the outside of your windows! Lastly, the windows come with a new compressible jamb liner making a better, more reliable seal. The liner will make your windows smoother and more durable in the long term. * If your window frame is rotted or damaged, these conversion kits will NOT fix that problem. Then you need to get the entire window replaced. See Andersen Replacement Options Here.

Do my existing windows qualify for the Narroline Conversion Kits?

These Conversion Kits are good for any Andersen Narroline windows that were manufactured after 1968 — double hung windows only. The conversion kits do not come for picture, casement, or bay/bow windows. But to make sure you qualify, you need to call ACRE or another certified Andersen dealer to talk to a residential window expert. They will help you understand what types of windows you have installed in your home, what condition your windows are in (meaning are the kits necessary for you), what your other upgrade options are.

How and Where can I get Andersen Narroline Conversion Kits?

You can get them from us, ACRE Windows! We are a certified Andersen Narroline Conversion Kit Dealer. Call1-888-REPLACEor schedule an appointment online to see if you qualify and set up a free estimate.

How much do Andersen Narroline Conversion Kits cost? Are there any sales?

The cost of the kit is based on your specific needs and wants. You will need to talk to a window expert and get a personalized estimate. However, Andersen is offering discounted kits through April 4. In addition to discounted pricing you will also receive a $250 Visa Gift Card when you purchase five or more Narroline Conversion Kits!

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