Brutal Winter Predicted: Time to Get New Windows Installed

Bad News: More Snow & Bitter Cold Predicted for Winter


As we arrive at November, it’s time to start looking towards the holidays and the arrival of dreaded winter weather. Everyone knows how horrific last winter was; seemingly endless days of bitter cold from the polar vortex, unbearable snowfall amounts, rampant power outages and devastating energy bills. After the mild summer we just enjoyed, we all hoped that winter would follow that trend rather than dialing up an encore performance. However, the “experts” have spoken, and the news is mixed at best, disastrous at worst. This article from reviews the major private and public weather services' long range predilection for the region and out of the four they sampled, three predicted below average temperatures and two predicted lots of snow. However, our own government agency, NOAA does not think that we will see a repeat performance of last winter. Yet, as the article notes, they were dismal last year in their predictions when they thought we would have a mild winter. 

In general meteorologists have trouble predicting what the weather will be like two days from now, let alone two months from now. Nonetheless, it’s better to be prepared. So with two months until winter really sets in, what can you do to prepare your home for winter? Why, get new windows or doors of course! Replacing old drafty windows and doors with energy efficient replacement windows/doors will keep your home warmer and shielded from the elements. You can rest easy knowing your energy bills will decrease and your home will be safer. But winter is approaching, so you need to act now.

If I buy my windows now, will they be installed before winter?

Yes! But you need to hurry. Everyone wants windows installed before winter, so the schedule is filling up. While we (and some other) do install windows year round to get the maximum savings and quickest installation it’s important to get your windows installed before the chill sets in. In most cases your windows will be installed in 4-6 from your purchase date, because they are custom sized.

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