Do You Know When to Replace Windows?

Should you hold onto your old windows or is it time to start looking for Andersen replacement windows? The truth is that replacing old windows is something many homeowners put off. First of all, they think of the costs. Next, they consider the inconvenience: the time, the debris they have to dispose of, and cleaning up their home after the work is done.

At the same time, there is the issue of finding the best time of year to replace windows. Late fall and winter are out of the question, thus, many consumers pick summer. This leads to long waiting lists, as professional window replacement companies struggle to schedule all the projects. Therefore, spring and early autumn, when the weather is mild, are the ideal time to replace a home window.

How Long Do Windows Last?

If you are unsure how often should windows be replaced, we can tell you that a double-glazed window lasts around 15-20 years. If your windows have a single glass pane, then they are from an even older generation and are no longer reliable or energy-efficient.

Also, the lifespan of a window depends on several factors, such as:

  • The climate in your area: major temperature variations, salty air close to the sea, and high moisture are among the factors that shorten the useful life of the windows
  • Type of material: wooden window frames are the sturdiest, but are also very expensive; fiberglass is just as reliable, but requires lower maintenance; as for vinyl, it is the most cost-effective solution
  • Wear and tear: at times, you can fix parts of the window damaged by continuous use; in other situations replacing an old window makes more sense
  • Poor installation: unprofessional workmanship can shorten the lifespan of a high-quality window.

When to Replace Windows in a House?

Apart from calculating the average lifespan, there are certain signs telling you when to replace windows. Among these, we note:

1. High Energy Bills

Is your electricity bill higher from month to month? Your old windows may be partly responsible for it. Older, single panel windows are not energy efficient. That is, they do not insulate the house against leaking heat outside. Thus, your heating unit has to work harder to maintain the temperature you set.

2. Your Rooms are Drafty

You always feel a draft in the room, even with the windows closed. This means that they are not airtight. Replacing the window frame with a modern one will solve this problem and make your house warm and comfortable.

3. You Hear All the Noises from Outside

Cars driving by your house, dogs barking, and people talking in the street – you can hear everything, even after you shut your windows. This constant noise will affect your sleep and even your waking hours, so you should stop wondering when to replace windows. The moment is right now.

4. You Have to Work Hard to Open and Close Windows

You have to use all your strength to open and close a window. You even consider taking up weight training just to keep up with the increasingly rigid mechanisms. We have a better solution for you: replacing the old window with a new, energy-efficient model.

Closing Thoughts

Windows are extremely important to any home. They are part of its visual appeal, provide you with natural light while keeping heat, cold, and rain outside. At ACRE Windows and Doors we know when is the best time to replace windows: when they no longer meet these simple conditions.

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