How to Stop Condensation on Windows & Why is It Important?

How to Stop Condensation on Windows & Why is It Important?

If not fixed immediately, condensation on windows will damage plaster, rot wood structure, and result in mold growth due to moisture within your window. You should be aware of why there is condensation and how to stop condensation on windows, especially in winters. ACRE Windows and Doors offers amazing Andersen replacement windows. We are your full-service windows and doors installers. In this article, we will teach yo how to minimize condensation on windows in cold weather.

defective plastic window condensation in winter; water is accumulated at the base

What is Condensation on Windows?

High humidity levels can trigger condensation on the exterior of your windows. This is a common reason for condensation on windows in summers. It can also occur in winters due to the extreme difference between inside and outside temperatures. Improper ventilation, cooking, showering can cause excessive moisture leading to condensation on the inside of windows. Condensation can also occur between the window panes due to a broken seal. Saturated desiccants within the window can also cause condensation. You may experience condensation on windows in the morning from the dew in the summer season. If you can fix window condensation by wiping, then moisture is between the panes, meaning a bigger issue. 

house window with damp and condensation on windows damaging the structure

How to Stop Condensation on Windows; What You Can Do

Accumulated condensation due to excess moisture can eventually lead to serious problems. This excess moisture can run down to your windows, into the frames, and into the walls. To stop condensation on windows in your house, keep an eye on the following signs:

  • Even when the outside temperature has warmed, moisture on the windows remains
  • You see water droplets running down the adjacent wall or the glass of the window due to excess condensation; Moisture on windows in winter can cause discoloration, damp spots on walls and ceiling, stains, and peeling paint in your house
  • Experiencing musty smells near the windows means there is mildew, mold, or rot

a double glazed PVC with condensation on windows

Reduce Indoor Moisture Sources

Knowing how to prevent condensation on windows is essential for you. But if you can’t prevent it you can reduce its impact by following ways:

  • Switching on the exhaust fan after taking a bath
  • It is always better to store firewood outside
  • During meal preparation, turn on the kitchen exhaust
  • Try to limit the use of a humidifier to fix condensation on inside of windows
  • A damp basement can because of mold, running a dehumidifier can help
  • Switch on the exhaust fan in your laundry room 
  • Limit houseplants and remove excess water from plant saucers
  • If your home is built in a crawl space covering the ground area with polyethylene film will prevent moisture from going upward
  • If you have drainage issues and you wonder what causes condensation on windows, you should immediately fix all such issues

Increase Indoor Ventilation

You can fix condensation on your windows with a few simple steps. If left untreated, it can lead to more expensive repairs. Check the following ways to prevent such problems:

  • Use exhaust fans more often and for an extended time
  • Open a door or a window for fresh air. Ventilation can stop condensation on windows due to moisture. For newer smaller homes, ventilation is extremely important. Keep mold and germs away; let the fresh air in
  • Opening the bathroom window after a shower will allow the humid air to escape reducing condensation on windows in winter
  • The warm air will be restricted to flow if your window curtains are heavy. To increase the airflow open up your blinds and drapes
  • Ensure that all exhausts in the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen are functioning properly and are unobstructed

Raise the Temperature

Why do my windows fog up?; A common question we’ve heard many times. Well, it happens in every house. The following steps might be useful to reduce the impact:

  • Add more indoor heat by adjusting the thermostat
  • Tiny gaps around the windows can let cold air in; replacing old caulking to keep warm air inside can help to fix condensation on windows in cold weather
  • Circulate warm air throughout the room by turning on the ceiling fan
  • Point warm air ducts towards the windows to keep condensation from forming

Hire the Best Expert to Fix Condensation on Your Windows:

If you don’t fix the moisture problem now, you will be experiencing musty odors in your home and structural damages. 

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