Prep Your Windows and Doors to Beat the Summer Heat

We are officially in summer and that means everyone is turning on their AC. With temperatures approaching the nineties this week & energy costs at an all-time high, everyone could use some tips to cool down their home. In the Philadelphia area we get the double whammy of high heat and high humidity, so you may be extra tempted to crank up the costly AC. Just look at the infographic below to see just how much money people in our country spend on cooling their house! But if you follow some of our tips below, your will see you energy bills go down, leaving you with more money to spend on your summer vacation! If you don’t already know, getting energy-efficient replacement window & doors is the best way to save money on energy costs long term, but if you aren’t there yet, here are some things you can do in the meantime.

US Department of Energy Infographic

Tips: Keep out heat with your windows & doors

  • Stop the heat from even hitting your windows: Install window awnings or plant trees/shrubs that shade your home
    • More specifically: Install awnings on your windows that face south or west
  • Repel the Sun: Make sure all your windows have white blinds, drapes, shades or curtains that will reflect the sun back at itself, away from your home. If you have blinds, make sure they are turned the correct way so they are not letting light into your home.
  • Maximum Protection: Use heavy or specially insulated curtains/drapes on windows that face south or west
    • Most important: Keep blinds/curtains/drapes CLOSED during the day for all windows
  • Keep ALL doors closed. If you open an entry or patio door, even if there is a screen door or storm door closed, you will let heat in.
  • Check doors/windows for air leaks. Hot/humid air leaking in will heat up your home. See our post on how to check for leaks
    • If you have a leak, get it fixed ASAP
  • If your AC breaks or you are willing to do anything to reduce costs you can actually apply foil-backed insulation to the inside of your windows to really repel the sun. But then you won’t be able to see outside your windows at all.
    • Other Option: Apply a reflective or sun-controlling film on windows that face the sun
    • If you buy replacement windows make sure windows have Low-E4 glass with some sort of sun repellant coating.

Other Cooling Tips from the US Department of Energy:


Download the whole infographic here:

Again, replacing old windows and doors with energy efficient replacement windows/doors will save you thousands in energy costs. If you are interested in replacement windows, check out our exclusive, private label window, the ACRE Energy Pro. It is a super energy efficient, high quality vinyl window that is sure to decrease your energy costs. Schedule a free in-home estimate today to find out how much you can save!