Tips to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Tips to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Summer is here and it is a hot and expensive one. May through September, electric bills are at an all time high! Here at ACRE Windows and Doors we want to help you save on your electric bill rather than having your hard earned money fly out the window. Here are some ways that ACRE Windows and Doors can help with heating AND cooling costs this upcoming year.

If your AC is constantly running trying to keep the hot air out of your house, there may be a problem with your windows. Double pane windows are installed with a gas called argon. That gas acts as a barrier so heat can’t get through to the second panel of your window. As years start to pass, that gas will leave the chamber. Once the gas is gone, oxygen gets into that chamber which allows more heat to come into your home, making your AC work even harder. If you believe this is the problem that you are having it may be time for new windows. 

When thinking about new windows, you may also want to think about the type of glass you want in your new window. Andersen offers a Smart SunGlass that can help shield 95% of the sun's harmful UV rays while allowing sunshine into your home. Another Andersen glass that can be helpful in protecting your home from the sun's heat is their SunGlass. Andersen SunGlass offers incredible thermal performance with a hint of a tint. SunGlass will block out that unwanted heat from entering your home. 

If you aren’t looking to replace your windows here are some other helpful tips to help keep that warm air out.

  • Use blinds, black out shades, or both. Black out shades are amazing for keeping rooms dark and cool.
  • Keeping windows locked can help prevent unwelcome air from slipping in through your window cracks.
  • When you leave your house for work, close all of your blinds and shades, once you get home your house will be feeling nice and cool.
  • If you don’t want to loose natural light, invest in a lighter shade that will still block out some heat while allowing natural light to enter your home. 
  • Opening your windows at night will give you a nice cool breeze throughout your home. 
  • To get maximum air flow  throughout your home open the top section of windows on the downwind side and open the bottom section of your windows on the upwind side.
  • Another way that you can block out the heat during this hot summer would be to update your exterior of your windows. Exterior shutters and shades can block out a good portion of the sun's harmful rays. 

Another way heat could be getting into your home is by your doors! The main contributor to letting heat in would be your patio door because most patio doors are primarily glass. Just like the windows, the gas within the two panels could have leaked out, meaning that it may be time for a new patio door. Andersen offers patio doors with the same glass protection as windows so your AC doesn’t have to continue pumping cold air. The Andersen SunGlass technology has the ability to block away harmful UV rays which end up fading furniture, floors, and cabinets. 

Door Tips: 

  • Use door strips. If you think that hot air is getting in from underneath your doors, invest in door strips. Door strips protect any type of air from entering your home.
  • Make sure to open all of your interior doors so the air circulates throughout the home. If you want to keep cool air in one of the rooms shut that door and open the rest. 
  • Get large blinds for your patio doors, it makes for good decoration and when you’re not home you can shield some of the unwanted UV rays from the sun. 

If you are not looking to replace any windows or doors there are other ways that you can keep your house cool...

  • Garage Doors: Making sure your garage door is closed is very important when trying to keep your house cool. When your garage door is open it lets in unwanted hot air that can travel into your home quicker, when the garage door is closed it barricades that hot air out.
  • Fans Are Your Friends: Turn on ceiling fans! This will keep air flowing throughout your house. If you have any plug in fans you can put a bowl of ice next to them which gives off a cool breeze. Bathroom fans can also be helpful. Heat rises, so your bathroom fan can help filter out that out air. 

If you think that you are in need of any new windows or doors, ACRE Windows would love to help you save some money on your electricity bill. If you are not looking to replace any windows or doors, try out our other helpful hints to keep your house feeling nice and cool this summer!