Triple Panel E Series Patio Door Conversion in Wilmington, DE!

Triple Panel E Series Patio Door Conversion in Wilmington, DE!

Check out this garage door we converted into a beautiful Triple Panel Andersen E Series hinged patio door last week in Wilmington, DE! Our customer was looking to transform their garage into an additional living area, and we think this E Series door was perfect for the space. We used a black exterior to match the shutters to really make the door a part of the home, and added internal blinds, as to not compromise the privacy that the garage door once added.  

Our E Series doors (and windows!) have unlimited possibilities to choose from- 50 custom colors and finishes, huge range of interior wood types and stains, custom shapes & sizes, various designs & hardware styles, glass types, grille patterns, and many more options to create the perfect door for your home! Unlike the 400 Series, Andersen’s E Series doors are constructed from classic wood interior and an aluminum clad exterior, and this door will resist water and seal out all outside elements, making for a highly energy efficient door. This will give you the timeless look of a wooden door from the inside, while being equipped with an aluminum exterior that is strong enough to withstand damage and doesn’t require the maintenance that a wooden door does.

If you are looking to completely renovate an area of your home into a customized modern living space that compliments the rest of your property, Andersen’s E Series is the perfect product for you! We can help you brainstorm endless possible ways to change up the appearance of your home in a way that significantly upgrades the space and adds great property value. Give us a call at (610) 427-5149 or set up an appointment for a free consultation on our website to meet with one of our product specialists, and we can help you transform your home today! 

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