Hello readers! Welcome to the ACRE Replacement Windows Blog. Each week I will be writing a new post designed to help you understand replacement products, and most importantly, help you improve your home. The format will vary—sometimes I will write a straightforward article, other times a Q&A piece, or sometimes post a series of videos. Regardless of format and specific content, I promise it will be illuminating, interesting, and relevant. No droning on about irrelevant topics or giving you a sales pitch!

I thought for the first post I would tell you a little more about the company. ACRE Windows is a full service replacement window and door business, located in Montgomeryville, PA. We serve almost all of the Delaware Valley, extending from Allentown to the Jersey Shore. We are different than other replacement companies because we offer a variety of products. FACT: ACRE Windows actually sells more than windows! Yes, despite our name we do sell a variety of sliding glass, French, and entry doors from Andersen & Therma-Tru. We also sell a wide variety of windows. Most people think we only sell Andersen Replacement Windows, but that would not be correct. See our Vinyl Windows & ACRE Energy Pro Windows pages if you don’t believe me. You can read all about the replacement products we offer on the website.

Here is ACRE Headquarters, located on Bethlehem Pike in Montgomeryville, PA:

At the end of the blog I will end with the Tip O’ The Week and Picture O’ The Week, which will give you a cool home improvement tip and my favorite related picture of the week.

Come back next week when the real content starts!

Tip O’ The Week:If you care about energy efficiency for windows and doors, the data you need to look at is R and U values--- all you need to remember is the HIGHER the better!(If you want to learn more about R & U Values, here is Wikipedia for now, I’ll write a post on that another day)Picture O’ The Week:This is our holiday card! Usually I will post pictures of windows/doors, but since it is the holiday season, it’s appropriate.Cheers,AW

Our Latest News

We installed 18 Double Hung Andersen 400 Series Woodwright windows into a beautiful Malvern, PA home! The windows were installed in just one day! All of the windows that we installed had an interior and exterior color of white. They also had a colonial grid pattern which added to the home’s classical look. Six of the windows we installed had a tempered glass, which means that the glass is four times stronger than regular glass. Tempered glass is meant to break into very small pieces that are unharmful. 
In Jackson, NJ we installed a variety of Andersen windows, two 100 series patio doors, and a ThermaTru Door! We installed five Single hung 100 Series windows, four 400 Series Woodwright windows including two casement windows, one picture window, and a Double hung window. We also installed a beautiful bay window along with three doors; two Andersen 100 Series Sliding Patio Doors and a beautiful ThermaTru Entry Door. 
Last week we installed beautiful Andersen windows and a french door in a Moorestown, NJ home. We installed a large specialty window, a picture window, and a beautiful Andersen French door. The installation of these couple windows gave this beautiful Morrestown home’s living room some extra light and a beautiful view. 
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