Window Problems: Repair or Replace?

Window Problems: Repair or Replace?

With so many different types of windows available—not to mention the various styles, sizes, types, materials and functions of each—it can be difficult to know exactly when or if you should replace your home’s specific windows. What may be easily fixable on one type of window could be a solid reason to replace on another. This is why the pros at ACRE Windows have put together a list of the best “rules of thumb” that you can ask yourself before you decide to repair or replace.

After many decades in business, our ACRE Windows team has found that it’s best to consider repairing your windows if:

  • There are small cosmetic problems like deteriorating caulk or chipping paint. These fixes are typically inexpensive and only require a small amount of time to address.
  • Only one window is experiencing issues such as cracked glass. Repairing the single pane will be easier, less time consuming and will allow you to keep the look of all your home’s windows consistent.
  • Your problem window(s) is still under any type of warranty. If it is, contact the manufacturer and they will likely be able to take care of any necessary repairs for you.
  • Your home features unique, architectural or specialty windows (stained glass, etc.) that add character to your home. Replacing them may end up detracting from your home’s unique aesthetic and charm. Repair elements of signature windows whenever possible.
  • Money is a concern. Repair work is almost always less expensive than an entire window replacement. New windows typically cost between $600 and $1,000 each.

It’s probably time toreplace your current windows if:

  • Your windows are cold to the touch in winter or excessively hot in the summer (or experience fogging or condensation between glass panes). If this is occurring, they’re likely letting out energy from your home and need to be replaced.
  • Any windows have lead-based paint. They may pose great health risks and need to be replaced ASAP.
  • Your home has old wooden window frames that are cracked or rotting. Replacing them would improve the look and security of your home (the same goes for sagging casement for crank-out windows!).
  • You’re tired of the look and feel of your current windows. Updating them with newer, more modern windows is a great way to update the look of your home.
  • Your windows are hard to use, painted or nailed shut, or completely inoperable in any way.
  • You are hearing too much outdoor noise or experiencing drafts. New windows can provide superior insulation and noise protection. 

For even more tips about repairing or replacing your windows, call the seasoned experts at ACRE Windows!