Your Buyer's Guide to Window Materials

Your Buyer's Guide to Window Materials

Whether you’re seeking replacement windows or building a home for the very first time, finding the right window for your space, style, and budget shouldn’t be complicated. With so many window materials to choose from, it helps to know your options and have a good idea of what type of window will work best in your home.

To help you cut down on the confusion and streamline your project planning, our team at Acre Windows has compiled a brief breakdown of the unique benefits of some of the most popular window materials:


Wood provides a natural beauty and warmth unlike any other window material, but it’s also more vulnerable against the elements. As such, wood windows are most ideal in places with temperate climates, but, even then, routine maintenance is heavily recommended.


Vinyl windows offer excellent energy efficiency and a high insulation factor. Save more on utility costs and save money on overall materials by choosing vinyl windows when searching for a window replacement.


Composite, similar to fiberglass, is known for standing the test of time while requiring minimal maintenance. A cross between vinyl and wood, they’re also quite affordable, whether you’re replacing your old composite windows or installing brand-new ones for the very first time.


Aluminum is known for being easy to maintain and offering long-lasting durability. Less expensive than other frame options, aluminum is a great option whether you are building or replacing windows.


A relatively new option in window materials, fiberglass is known for being both strong and maintenance-free, with similar energy efficiency to vinyl.

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If your vision of the perfect window is still foggy and you’d like to learn more about each material’s unique benefits and properties, contact our friendly and knowledgeable representatives at Acre Windows today. As the top Philadelphia window replacement company, we offer a wide selection of design styles and frame materials to ensure that we provide truly customized windows that will match your home’s unique aesthetic. Give us a call or fill out our quick online form to receive your free, no-obligation quote.

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