Andersen 400 Series Specialty Palladian Window in Sussex, NJ!

Andersen 400 Series Specialty Palladian Window in Sussex, NJ!

Check out this gorgeous Andersen 400 Series custom specialty palladian window we installed in Sussex, NJ last week! A Palladian window is a large unit consisting of a central arched window over a picture window, and can be flanked by additional rectangular sections. This type of window can significantly upgrade your living space, and offers a unique decorative appeal, and is also highly functional and allows tons of natural light in. If you have a custom window shape or an unusual size or configuration in mind, Andersen’s 400 Series line is perfect for your home! 

With an unlimited number of possible combinations, the 400 Series varies greatly in available options, ranging from customizable grilles and patterns, exterior and interior paint color finishes, sizes, and so much more. Specialty shape windows allow you to choose from a wide variety of uncommon shapes, with the option to customize the arches, angles, and curves of the window. Used both individually and in combination with other windows, they add curb appeal and character to your home. Take a look at another specialty palladian window we installed here

Constructed with wood and vinyl, the 400 Series gives you a classic wood interior, with a vinyl exterior to protect your window from outside elements and weathering. When you are considering adding a large specialty window unit to your home, you want something that is low maintenance and sturdy. You will never have to worry about touching up paint or wood chipping with an Andersen 400 Series window! They have proven to be durable over time, and is Andersen’s best selling specialty window style.

If you are interested in transforming your home with a large specialty window, contact us at 1-888-REPLACE or set up a free consultation on our website today! We have tons of beautiful options and we are confident that we can customize the perfect window for your space. 

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