Casement vs. Sliding Windows: What Is the Difference?

Casement vs. Sliding Windows: What Is the Difference?

If you plan to install new windows, the good news is that you have plenty of options to choose from. Andersen replacement windows not only improve the appearance of your home but make it more energy-efficient. 

ACRE Windows and Doors provides a wide range of window replacement solutions with expert installations, including crank windows. Can’t decide between casement vs sliding windows? Learn more about the two different styles in this article.

Casement Windows Vs Sliding Windows: Covering The Basics

Casement windows, also known as crank windows, are a great choice as they provide an unobstructed view along with cool temperatures in summers and warm temperatures during winters. 

So, what is a casement window? Casement windows are windows installed vertically that open and close with a crank around one way or another. They open outwards, with hinges attached to the side. These windows are pushed out from hinges. The dimensions of window opening will influence your decision between casement vs sliding windows. When you open slide windows, the glass slides sideways. For wider openings, usually slide windows are installed. For all narrow and tall window openings, casement windows are chosen. The right choice depends on your preferences in:

Window Ventilation

Casement vs sliding windows differ in how air flows through the window opening. The majority of casement windows tend to open completely, allowing more air to pass the entire opening, whereas sliding windows only open halfway through. The other half is either closed or overlapped. These windows provide less ventilation. If both panes are opened at the same time, then you can enjoy maximum ventilation. Crank windows are a better choice if you are looking for more ventilation. However, homeowners living in extreme weather conditions or severe allergies may choose sliding windows. 

Energy Efficiency

Between casement vs sliding windows, both provide energy efficiency. However, there is a difference. Sliding windows have a flexible seal at the top and bottom runners of the window allowing the window to open and close. It can never seal tightly. Crank windows are not flexible by design; they provide great energy efficiency. For sliding windows, there always remains a bit of gap on top and bottom that allows air to pass. When fully closed, crank windows lock in the place and seal tightly against the frame. If you want to achieve maximum benefit from your heating and cooling systems, then choose casement windows for your home.

Pros and Cons of Open Casement Windows

Choosing crank windows is a great idea. Here is why:


  • You will receive excellent ventilation as the entire window can open
  • Provide a great unobstructed view, perfect for a house with a view
  • With low maintenance, you can easily clean crank windows
  • Crank windows are secure, as they are difficult to break into
  • Since they seal tightly, you will receive high-energy efficiency at all times

A beautiful close-up on a window installed by our team for a client; casement vs sliding windows


  • The crank, lever, or handle might need regular maintenance due to frequent use
  • Crank windows open outwards, easily obstructing the sidewalks of your home. If plants or trees are growing outside, the window opening becomes restricted

Pros and Cons of Sliding Windows

If you have wide openings in your home design, sliding windows are a wise choice between casement vs sliding windows.


  • Sliding windows are a more budget-friendly solution
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • You don’t need exterior space for opening the window
  • Since there is no crank, it will require low maintenance than crank windows
  • Better suits modern home designs 

Outside view from a client's house showing a white wall with casement window vs sliding window


  • With a flexible seal, a slide open window is less energy-efficient
  • If one half of the window opens, you will experience reduced ventilation

Deciding between casement vs sliding windows comes down to the structural design of your space. Whether your space is more horizontally or vertically oriented will be the deciding factor. If you can easily change the space to suit the window, especially if you are remodeling your house, then you can choose either crank windows or sliding ones. You will get more energy efficiency and increased ventilation with casement windows, though.

Hire a Professional Windows Replacement Contractor

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